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Bumper stickers have been around for quite sometime. Most historians are unsure of when they were invented. However, due to the fact that they were created to attach to the bumper of an automobile, it is safe to presume that they were invented afterwards. Most historians agree that Henry Ford was the inventor of the automobile. The first car to be produced by the Ford motor company was the Model T in 1908. Given this information, it is safe to assume that the bumper sticker arrived on the scene a short time later. This would make the bumper sticker around 100 years old. The sticker’s longevity can be attributed to the fact that it is a non combative way for people to speak their opinions. Bumper sticker uses and bumper sticker printing are two topics that many people find interesting. custom keychains

There are many uses for bumper stickers. One way people use stickers is to show affiliation with a particular political party. Additionally, many people go even further and use stickers to show their support for a specific candidate. This is often done by printing the candidate’s slogan on the sticker. Most slogan’s are designed to be memorable so that the slogan and thereby the candidate stays in the public’s mind. For example, during the presidential race of 1952 Dwight D. Eisenhower became famous for the slogan, “I like Ike”. This slogan was printed on hundreds of thousands of bumper stickers, campaign buttons and other political paraphernalia. This slogan seemed to capture what most Americans felt about the candidate who went on to win the election over Adlai Stevenson. Another way people use bumper stickers is to identify that the driver of the car has permission to be on the property. For instance many colleges provide stickers for students so that campus security knows that the driver of the car has paid to park there. Gyms may also hand out stickers so that regular gym member can park for no additional fee. Stickers may also be given by businesses to their customers. This practice serves two purposes. It gives the customer a souvenir free of charge and if the customer displays the bumper sticker it gives the business free advertising.

Bumper sticker printing has come a long way in the past years. When most people think about stickers they assume that stickers will damage the surface of their automobile. This is not always the case. Manufacturers can now print stickers in several different ways. However, because stickers must be able to withstand the elements, such as rain, road dust, snow and the heat of a sizzling summer the sticker must be made to be very durable. For this reason stickers are printed or vinyl. Other types of stickers are made with removable or repositionable adhesive. These types of stickers are often used by students and placed on notebooks and laptops. Stickers that are repositionable are placed inside the windows of automobile. These stickers are made in a unique process that places adhesive on the front side of the sticker instead of the back. Although the adhesive is placed over the image, the adhesive is crystal clear and the image is not marred in any respect.

Bumper stickers have been on the scene for several years and are used in a variety of ways. People love them because they are an inexpensive way to express oneself as well as show support for a cause. Stickers can even be used to show membership. Stickers have been around for decades and will probably be around even longer.

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